• Participated in Ph.D. dissertation supervision

Mark Evans, "Methodologies for information assurance used in the public sector"

Shaimaa Nafea, "Adaptive learning management System using Ontology"

Allan Cook, "Industrial Control System Risk management"

Raphael Riebl, "Performance tests for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks"

Sadir Fadhil, "Context-aware overtaking assistant system"

Dennis Bohmlander " Innovative crash-sensing architectures

Adebamigbe (Alex) Fasanmade, "Autonomous Agent Security in mobile and Wireless Network"

  • Participation in Ph.D. committees

HAN Xiao, "Mining User Similarity in Online Social Networks:Analysis, Modeling and Applications", Telecom SudParis, 05/2015

Reza Farahbakhsh, "Profiling professional and regular users on popular Internet services based on Implementation of large scale Internet measurement tools", Telecom SudParis, 05/2015

  • M.Sc. Theses supervised

Robert Alexander, "Security analysis of smart home entry systems", (07/2016)

Jacqui Cope, "A framework for minimizing Data Leakage from non Production systems", (08/2016)

Steve Harisson, "Security Testing Framework for an HMG Agile Software Development Project", (01/2016)

Rajan Kumar, "Challenges to Cyber Security", (10/2015)

Nickolas Ayres,"The mimetic virus : A vector for Cyber terrorism", (09/2015) 

Nasreen Iqbal, "Advancing HRMS with Cloud Cmputing", (08/2015)

Najlaa Almajed, "Prevention of crime in B2C E-Commerce", (06/2015) 

  • Courses teaching/tought
A/A     Period                     Course Title                                                                               Audience                          University
1           2016/17                  Advanced  Research Topics in  Cyber Technology            Postgraduate                 De Montfort 
2           2016/17                 Advanced  Research Methods                                               Undergraduate             ABMS
3           2015/16                  Advanced  Research Topics in  Cyber Technology           Postgraduate                 De Montfort
4          2015/16                  Host and Network Security                                                   Postgraduate                De Montfort
5          2015/16                  Advanced  Topics in  Security                                                Undergraduate             De Montfort
6          2001 - 2005          Circuit Analysis and Design                                                    Undergraduate             T.E.I. of Thessaly
7          2002 - 2007          Programming with Visual Basic                                            Undergraduate              T.E.I. of Thessaly
8          2002 - 2003          Electromechanical Installations                                            Undergraduate             T.E.I. of Thessaly  
9          1999 - 2000           System Reliability                                                                    Undergraduate             Aristotle